If you believe that erectile dysfunction is an obligatory aspect of aging in men, you are wrong. Now, it is a tendency that is caused by male negligence and ignorance of the common rules that help to enhance health, strength and potency. If you want to be the exception and to prove that a 40 year old man is as sexually potent as an 18-year old boy, here are the tips for you.
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These words seem to have nothing in common. However, what about the connection between the food we take and the organs that are affected by these products? The researchers confirm that the food products unhealthy for the cardiac state are also dangerous for the male sexual function. Certain fats and chemicals that we take together with the food products influence the circulatory system in men. The damaged circulatory processes influence the operation and functioning of the heart and other vital functions. These unhealthy components can restrict the blood circulation to the coronary arteries and the sexual organ of men.
Unfortunately, America is thought to be a country of fast food. Certainly, it affects the life and health of every citizen. Such tendency to eat these products causes the high rates of men with erectile dysfunction and heart diseases. What are the options recommended by the doctors about the food diet? The studies show that the Mediterranean diet is really effective. This diet includes the intake of fruits, vegetables, red wine, fish, grains and healthy fats useful for heart and sexual function as well. Men, who are used to take such food products, suffer from the cardiac and sexual diseases in very rare cases.


The shape of your body is also very important. This factor is significant for the general state of the male health. The overweight people often suffer from insomnia and diabetes. Both health conditions result in the problems with the heart and sexual potency. Moreover, diabetes damages the hormonal production and nerves that deal with the erectile stimulation. The possibility to become impotent with such health conditions is very high. Insomnia can also make you incapable to gain a strong erection.


Such condition as high blood pressure is contraindicated for the intake of ED drugs: Viagra, Generic Levitra, Cialis and Cialis Soft pills. That is why one has to avoid high cholesterol as well as it also leads to impotence. Some people blame the pills used to cure hypertension in such side effect as impotence. Still, the doctors do not agree that it is connected with the usage of these pills. If you have the symptoms of hypertension and high cholesterol, treat these diseases in the obligatory order.


Today, the intake of alcohol is really widespread. The celebration of every holiday should be provided with wine and other alcoholic drinks. Still, you know that the excessive consumption of alcohol can lead not only to erectile dysfunction but also to the nerve damage, liver diseases and hormonal imbalance. The last disorder is often the reason for impotence in men and low sex drive in women. It is better to forget about alcohol or consume it in the small quantities.


Sports activity helps to be in good shape and feel healthy. In the prevention of ED symptoms, the sports exercises play a significant role. Men, who are involved in the regular sports activities, are not supposed to be impotent. The gym is not the only option to keep your sexual function in tones. You can also try swimming, yoga, aerobics and other sports variations. The doctors say that men, who prefer riding a bike, should be careful with this activity. It has been proved that the mountain bikes with the special sports seats present a danger to the penis as they can decrease the blood flow and influence the testicles. Men, who ride a bike occasionally, do not need to worry about possible ED. However, the sports riders should take this data into consideration.


Another addiction that is harmful to the sexual health is cigarettes. Men, who smoke for many years, very often are the victims of erectile dysfunction, lung cancer and other conditions that demand the mandatory treatment. Nicotine causes contraction of the blood vessels and this process results in the decreased blood circulation. As you know, this condition is likely to cause impotence.


To avoid erectile dysfunction, a man should also care for the safety of sexual intercourse. And we are not talking about STDs here. The fact is that penis can be seriously injured in the result of sexual activity. Some positions can potentially break the sexual organ and cause the injuries that can lead to impotence. Ask your doctor about the potential “breaking” positions to prevent such trauma.